Clear Mind Focus

Introducing The Clear Mind Focus Home Brain Trainer!

The Clear Mind Focus Unit is a portable brain training device that allows you to exercise your brain on your time and anywhere you want. Slightly bigger than a smartphone, this unit allows you to benefit from light-sound technology every day. It contains standard programs for general health, or can be customized for your specific needs using protocols from a brain map. Whether in the comfort of your home, at work, in the Gym or anywhere else, you have a system designed to optimize and improve brain function.

What Does The Focus Unit Do?

Clear Mind Focus UnitEach unit uses photic stim lights to trigger brainwave activity. With this unit the brain receives healthy brainwave patterns and learns to duplicate them. With continuous regular use, the brain will adapt and eventually adjust unhealthy patterns to and stay within healthy ranges. Over time, your brain will learn to make healthy patterns on its own and independent of the focus unit.

The brain emits several different types of brainwaves. Each of these brainwaves serves an important function. Delta brainwaves are emitted during sleep and a responsible for regeneration and restoration. Conversely, Beta brainwaves are produced during your awake hours and are responsible for conscious thought and decision making. When these brainwaves are not operating in normal ranges, symptoms like anxiety, depression and memory loss can occur. With the light and sound technology of the Clear Mind Focus unit, your brainwave frequencies are gently guided into normal patterns during the course of a 30 minute session. As a result your body-mind function becomes enhanced.

How does it work?

The Focus is slightly larger than a smart phone and comes with headphones and glasses with built-in photic lights. The unit comes with standard settings like the Optimizer for general brain balance. It can also be programmed to use the protocols suggested by your brain map, which allows for a custom training session target for your needs. The system will emit light from the glasses and play gently, rhythmic sounds. During the session you go about your day as normal. You can walk, rest, work, exercise, watch TV …just about anything while using the unit. The system works while you do without any extra attention on your part.

The sound from the headphones are a soothing rhythmic beat and the lights are a soft blue that flash gently. You will be surprised how quickly you will forget they are on as you go about your day. The Clear Mind Focus can be used with eyes closed and laying down for a ten minute power nap or an extended rest. It’s all on your time and your schedule.

Want To See It In Action? Watch The Tutorial Video Below?

Clear Mind Focus Tutorial from Clear Mind on Vimeo.