18 Dec 2020

How To Deal With An ADHD Child In Public

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How To Deal With An ADHD Child In Public

Children with Attention-deficit hyperactive disorder will often have deficits in executive function, which is the ability to think and plan ahead, to organize, control impulses and complete tasks. As a result they will not only have trouble understanding how to do what you are asking them, but will also have trouble trying to understand why they need to do it. This can lead to problems, especially when out in public spaces.

As kids age their executive skills will improve and they will be able to react to things normally. But until then, the parent must take care to provide extra guidance and help them understand what is being asked of them. Establishing better patterns at home can help when they are out in public spaces.

For those who live near Fort Wayne, the symptoms of ADHD can be frustrating, especially when things escalate in a public area. A parent will often feel like they can’t take appropriate action or diffuse the situation they way they can at home. Just remember that a child with ADHD who is ignoring, annoying, or embarrassing you is not always acting willfully. Their brains are not processing what you are saying fully, or they just don’t know how to answer. As a result they will retreat into to a comfortable or familiar pattern. That may include running, yelling or whatever actions bring them comfort. It’s important to establish calming patterns at home that they can use when out in public spaces. This can include reading a favorite book or playing quietly with a toy that is only available when outside the house. In cases like this, have that toy ready to give to them when behavior escalates in public. You can also use video games or tablets, as long as they are in moderation and the video being watched is not too hyper. This can overstimulate the brain and actually make things worse.

For example, Choose a low stimulation game like Minecraft over a hyper-stimulated show like Sponge Bob.  It can take years for kids to develop the proper executive function that allows then to interact and process things normally.

For those seeking a permanent solution that can change executive function in months instead of years, we suggest you look into neurofeedback, neurofeedback has been clinically proven to improve or eliminate the symptoms of ADD and ADHD. The process is safe, non-invasive and has been around for over 50 years. Call us or read through our website to learn more.


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