23 Jul 2020

How to Reduce Stress & Perform Better Under Pressure.

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How to Reduce Stress & Perform Better Under Pressure.

The Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science is world renown. The faculty and alumni of Columbia Engineering have won 10 Nobel Prizes in physics, chemistry, medicine, and economics. So when they publish a study, people take notice.

Recently, they completed a study on the effects of neurofeedback based on the idea that humans make better decisions and perform better at demanding sensory motor tasks when they have control over the arousal state of their sympathetic nervous system. As an example, why does act of walking across a balance beam less stressful if the beam sits six inches off the ground compared with when it is 60 feet up.

Researcher’s used real-time fMRI feedback to help participants in the study to regulate their arousal state during virtual reality aerial navigation tasks using a flight simulator. Using neurofeedback to stimulate the arousal state allowed the subjects to fly their virtual plane further and more precisely. In all, participants’ task performance was increased by around 20 percent. This explains why some people can be so cool under pressure: They are in control of their arousal state and are able to manage stress better.

If you live in the Tampa Florida area, neurofeedback is a tool that can help people regulate their arousal state better, which can reduce stress and allow one to keep calm under pressure. Best of all, neurofeedback is safe, non-invasive and readily available for anyone to use.

Neurofeedback is backed by 50 years of clinical research that has shown permanent lasting improvement in brain health time and time again. And it is already being accepted by many primary physicians and even insurance companies for treatment of mental health issues. Best of all, it requires no medications and results are often permanent. When it comes to keeping your brain healthy and in balance, neurofeedback is one of the best options currently available.


If you live in the Tampa area and need help, we encourage you to schedule a qEEG Brain Map. This non-invasive map can identify many brain problems in just 30 minutes!

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