29 Dec 2020

Neurofeedback Help For Insomnia & Sleep Issues

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Neurofeedback Help For Insomnia & Sleep Issues

Sleep is one of the most critical functions that your body and mind performs. It allows you to regenerate, recuperate and refresh all the important parts of your body. Without proper sleep, it’s like operating your body at a reduced power and efficiency. Would you drive a car that only went half as fast?

When a condition occurs regularly and in a set pattern, it usually signals a chronic condition that goes much deeper…and a lack of sleep may just be a by-product of that core problem. Here are 4 main causes of insomnia and sleep disorders:

REACTIVE – A response to stressful or traumatic events
HABITUAL – Poor evening habits or lifestyle choices
METABOLIC – Internal body changes or diet choices
NEUROLOGICAL – Brain imbalances and irregular brainwaves

Reactive and habitual are often temporary or can be fixed on your own. However, Metabolic and neurological issues are a chronic issue, which means you need professional support to help them improve.

If your live near Tampa and your sleep problems are not improving, it may be time for professional help. A non-invasive qEEG brain map can precisely identify if it’s a chronic issue and what areas of the brain are impacted. These can be performed safely in our office for very little cost.

Neurofeedback is one option that has been clinically proven to reduce or eliminate the triggers of insomnia. This computer based technology has decades of research and case studies to support it. The process is safe, non-invasive and drug free. Best of all, results can often be permanent, meaning you can get back to the restful sleep that your body needs to operate at its best.

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If you live in the Tampa area and need help, we encourage you to schedule a qEEG Brain Map. This non-invasive map can identify many brain problems in just 30 minutes!

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