Migraines And Neurofeedback

A migraine is much more than a headache. It is a debilitating neurological condition that can cripple even the strongest person and leave them unable to function. Migraines do not always respond to aspirin or normal headache remedies and can include sensitivity to light and sound. An estimated 13% of adults in the U.S. experience.. read more →

Lyme Disease And Neurofeedback

Lyme Disease is an infectious disease caused by a tick bite lasting more than 48 hours. It is estimated that 300,000 people become infected with Lyme Disease every year. Many people don’t know they are infected. But if it goes untreated, the infection can spread to the joints, the heart and the nervous system. Patients.. read more →

Could Your Brain Be Telling You Something?

Our brains are very good at letting us know when something is wrong. Being tired, angry or just confused could be signals that the brain needs attention. However, fatigue may not just be a lack of sleep. Likewise, anger may be more than a reaction to present events. It could be that the brain is.. read more →

Could Your Symptoms Be Brain Fog?

Many people suffer from brain fog or mental fogginess. They may feel confused, fatigued, inattentive or can’t remember what someone just said. This lack of cognitive function can seriously affect one’s day to day routines, making it tough to make decisions, keep track of schedules and follow through on tasks. Often brain fog is a.. read more →

Overcoming Depression

If you have been diagnosed with depression, or just think you are clinically depressed, consider this: Medications are unlikely to fix the problem, despite what you have been told. Research has found that antidepressants do not correct the type of brainwave pattern that causes depression. New evidence has found that on average, antidepressant medications only.. read more →

A Word On Concussions & Brain Injuries…

Brain injuries are more common than most people realize. even something as simple as banging your head on a door can disrupt brainwaves and rhythms. A brain injury can make it hard to think clearly, to make plans and to remember important information. Health effects from a brain injury may include sleeping issues, headaches, dizziness,.. read more →

What is Neurofeedback? A Simple Answer

We get asked a lot, “What Is Neurofeedback?” Here is simple answer: Imagine you are part of a four person musical quartet. 3 of you know a song by heart, but the fourth has never played it. If you play in front of an audience without everyone knowing the song, the overall performance will sound.. read more →

Awake At 3 am? It Could Be Insomnia.

If you are reading this at 3 am in the morning, chances are you may suffer from insomnia or some form of sleep disorder. But consider this: Insomnia can lead to bigger problems such as fatigue, lack of focus, short temper, forgetfulness and mental fog. It is important to determine the root cause of your.. read more →

Helping a child with ADD: What you need to know

Children with ADD or ADHD generally have deficits in executive function: the ability to think and plan ahead, organize, control impulses, and complete tasks. So a parent must take over as executive, providing extra guidance while a child gradually acquires executive skills of their own. Although the symptoms of ADHD can be nothing short of.. read more →

Is This The Reason For Anxiety And Depression?

Alpha Waves May Hold The Key To Recovery Decades of Brain research may have yielded an answer for why emotions are so hard to manage for some. It has to do with the Alpha waves in our brains. Alpha waves are one of 4 main brainwaves that exist in every person. They are responsible for.. read more →