01 Sep 2020

The Importance Of Exercising Your Brain

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The Importance Of Exercising Your Brain

You may have noticed that neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, dementia and Parkinson’s are on the rise. While the exact cause is still under debate, scientists agree that every person should take steps to slow cognitive decline now while they are younger. Just like physical exercise helps your body last longer, mental exercise helps your brain last longer as well. That is where neurofeedback and brain training can help.

Neurofeedback is being studied as a primary therapy to slow the natural aging process. Most people have been engaging in poor “brain hygiene”, allowing mental habits like stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia to continue unabated. Parts of the brain like the crucial hippocampus can actually atrophy, often causing mild cognitive impairment (MCI), which puts older people at increased risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease.

If you live in the Tampa area, a personalized brain fitness program can improve cognitive function and aid the hippocampus in archiving short term memory into long term memory. Nobody wants to forget precious memories as they get older, so exercising the brain is important. Neurofeedback along with diet, exercise and meditation has been shown to be of great benefit to this part of the brain and caused statistically significant improvements in cognitive function. The average person in research studies improved in about five of the 10 cognitive areas and many showed significant improvement!

The first step in this process is to get a non-invasive brain map to determine if there is some cognitive decline or if you are at risk for Alzheimer’s or dementia. Once that has been determined, a neurofeedback program combined with diet and exercise can effectively turn back the neurological clock and slow or stop cognitive decline. And neurofeedback can also aid in better sleep and less stress. The benefits can be truly life changing!


If you live in the Tampa area and need help, we encourage you to schedule a qEEG Brain Map. This non-invasive map can identify many brain problems in just 30 minutes!

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