01 Aug 2019

What is Neurofeedback? A Simple Answer

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What is neurofeedback: A simple answer

We get asked a lot, “What Is Neurofeedback?” Here is simple answer:

Imagine you are part of a four person musical quartet. 3 of you know a song by heart, but the fourth has never played it. If you play in front of an audience without everyone knowing the song, the overall performance will sound bad. Even though 3 of you know the song perfectly, the effect of that fourth player impacts the entire quartet.

So how does that relate to neurofeedback?

Like a quartet, there are 4 primary brainwaves in your brain. Delta (sleep, regeneration), Theta (emotions, daydreaming), Alpha (subconscious, relaxation) and beta (cognitive thinking and decision making). Together they regulate your mind and body and help you function at your best. However, if one of these brainwaves are misfiring, it can effect your whole mind and body. Too much delta can impact sleep and make you irritable and affect decision making. Too little or too much theta can lead to anxiety or depression.

Neurofeedback is a computer-based technology that optimizes brainwaves to help them run efficiently. If delta is too fast, it can slow it down, which will allow you to sleep better. If alpha waves are being blocked, neurofeedback can help reduce the potential anxiety that might occur. While there are many medications out there that can temporarily help with these issues, they do not fix the problem and do not offer a permanent solution.

Neurofeedback is ideally suited to address brainwave imbalances, because it is the only tool out there that targets them specifically. Neurofeedback works by using sensors on the scalp to detect and retrain brainwaves that are out of balance. Best of all, you simply watch a movie or listen to music while the system does all the work, slowly training your brainwaves to stay in balance.

Neurofeedback has over 50 years of research and case studies to demonstrate its effectiveness. For anyone currently using drugs for mental health, neurofeedback is worth taking a look at. To learn more, visit our website below.


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