21 Oct 2019

Why You Should Consider Neurofeedback (Hint: It Works!)

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Why You Should Consider Neurofeedback

You may have heard the name neurofeedback before and wondered what it is. Some may think it’s just some fad or a dangerous untested medical procedure. You are not alone, especially with all the misinformation available online. But 50 years of research have demonstrated that neurofeedback should be given serious attention. Here’s why:

  1. Brainwaves affect brain function and brain performance
  2. Poor brain function can lead to many neurological issues
  3. Neurofeedback uses advanced computer technology to improve brainwaves

In other words, the functioning of the brain and a person’s behavior are connected. Poor function can lead to issues like depression, anxiety, ADHD, sleep issues, memory loss and more.

Neurofeedback is a non-invasive and drug free system that has one primary goal: Improve brain function. It does this by monitoring brainwaves and helping your brain make minor adjustments to function optimally. Think of it as a coach, subconsciously giving your brain advice and helping it stay on the correct path.

Over time, neurofeedback can help your brain learn to function on its own without any further help. Best of all, results can often be permanent. Neurofeedback is also easy to administer: it involves watching a movie or listening to music while the computer works on the brain. For those dealing with mental health issues, neurofeedback is worth looking into.


If you live near Tampa or Orlando and are having some of the problems listed above, come in for a non-invasive brain scan. This revolutionary tool can identify most problems in the brain in less than 30 minutes.

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